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Low, Trust [Rough Trade]

Perfect Music for a funeral from the three wise Mormons.

Recent research indicates a move away from traditional hymns played at funerals in favour of more modern, popular tracks. Apt, then, that Low should be releasing “Trust”, their sixth album. Much of “Trust” is perfect music to bow out to. Just picture the sobbing congregation as you’re lowered to the sounds of “(That’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace”; relish your relatives’ grieving wails as the flames lick around you to the distant crashing drums of “I Am The Lamb”.

Trust picks up where Low’s 2001 release Things We Lost In The Fire left off. The 13 tracks sound epic, yet they’re surprisingly minimalist, often reminiscent of Godspeed You Black Emperor’s quieter moments. It’s In The Drugs features an unlikely appearance by Gerry Blakely of 80’s mullet-rockers America (wait, come back!); Blakely also sings on La La La Song, a title which only serves to diminish the song’s funereal quality.

Every month, at least one band delivers an “album of the year”. This, however, is one of this year’s most serious contenders. Make Low your new favourite band. Make Trust your album of the year. You won’t be able to dance to it, and it certainly won’t soundtrack your summer, but you will want it played at your funeral.


-- Martin Kahl


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