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Low, Songs for a Dead Pilot [Kranky]
[ Rating: 4 / 5 fishes ]

‘Will The Night’ opens this album like an AM radio under at the bottom of the ocean. A mournful lament with solo guitar accompaniment barely recognisable, crushed under the weight of the reverb. Low have recorded a number of albums of hushed, whispered ballads. This is the first album recorded (at home) for Kranky. It reminds me at times of Codeine. Composed of extremely slow guitar progressions, faint rustles of cymbals, cracked, drawn-out voices, bass rumbles and lots of silence there’s a definite sense of isolation and weariness here. ‘Be There’ features a distant, persistent tom-tom rhythm and wavering organ, over which an up close two-part harmony is delivered. Extremely downbeat, lo-fi and tense. If you like that sort of thing. :)