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Low, owL remix Low [Vernon Yard / Caroline]
Rating: 6.9

Back in the day, the definition of the word 'remix' might have been "A second version of a hit song that replaces the previous rhythm track with something more dancable." These days, the concept of the remix has mutated; remixers simply write a new song and incorporate elements of the track they're remixing. So don't pop this disc on expecting the reverb- drenched, ambient pop you're used to from these three. Rather, think of owL remix Low as a tribute to Low from some of electronica's most happenin' acts.

Porter Rick opens the disc with his take on "Down," a mellow journey through a cushion of soft noise. The heartbeat- like rhythm kicks, later followed by bass, then keyboard, then vocals. And Jimmy Somerville and Sally Herbert get their borderline industrial dance groove on with their remix of "Words." Ninja Tune's Neotropic spins two versions of "Anon" (the shuffling "Spore" mix and orchestrated retro "Pollen" mix) as well as an atmospheric, Cranes- like rendition of "Do You Know How To Waltz." Tranquility Bass walks away with the trophy, though, for their delightfully wacky "'91 Party Dance Mix" of "Over The Ocean."

Ultimately, whether you're going to be able to get into owL remix Low depends on whether you think you can stomach their eerie, candlelit melodies fused with electronic grooves. But either way, I recommend checking it out just because... well, under what other circumstances would you expect to be able to dance to Low?

-Ryan Schreiber