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Low & Spring Heel Jack, Bombscare (Tugboat import)

from Milk Magazine
4 June 2001

I'm surprised - I may even go so far as "slightly shocked" - that this EP didn't get more attention than it did. A tiny fraction of the blame can be placed on me; I've neglected my duty to review and praise all things Low-related by not reviewing it in the six months it's been out. Of course, a large part of the record's invisibility must be blamed on its import-only status, but that's another story.

The music - a meditative, long-distance collaboration between Minnesota sad-sacks Low and British drum-and-bass pioneers Spring Heel Jack - is not to be missed by Low fans. The idea of Low participating in any sort of rave-friendly music is almost unthinkable, and luckily that's far from what this collaboration is. Spring Heel Jack contribute contemplative, soundtracky backdrops over which Alan and Mimi of Low add vocals: It's an interesting way for the Low singers to stretch themselves creatively without adopting a new sound for their own band.

The EP is an easily digestible four songs, clocking in at 17 minutes, with the lullaby "Hand So Small" the obvious standout. "Way Behind" sounds like what would happen if Low collaborated with Spiritualized, serving as a precursor to Mimi's upcoming appearance on the new Spiritualized record. And although I wouldn't want every Low record to sound like Bombscare, it remains a valuable part of their library nontheless.

- Josh Modell



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