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Tour Archive: Side Project & Solo Tour Dates (through 2004)

Side Project Date Location Venue Appearing With Other
Tooth Fairies SAT 01/28/2000 Superior, WI NorthStar Lounge
9 pm, $3
the Early Americans and Grotto
Tooth Fairies FRI 02/04/00 Duluth, MN Norshore Theatre
Benefit for the Ripsaw News, $5
Guild, the Dames; Giljunko, the First Ladies, & Accidential Porn
Black-Eyed Snakes FRI 06/02/00 Minneapolis, MN Lee's Liquor Lounge
Black-Eyed Snakes FRI 12/01/00 and SAT 12/02/00 Minneapolis & Duluth Duluth Does Dylan
Alan Sparhawk Solo THU 05/24/01 Milwaukee, WI Atomic Records
Alan Sparhawk Solo WED 10/10/01 Los Angeles, CA the Smell Carla Bozulich (Geraldine Fibbers)

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