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Artscenter, Carrboro, NC
Thursday, 15 April 1999
with Shannon Wright

i'll try and keep this as short and sweet as i can -- and with few "creative writing dropout" additions.


- I Remember
- Starfire
- Weight Of Water
- Missouri
- Don't Understand
- Violence
- Venus
- Coattails
- Will the Night
- Words
- Soon

first, a few general observations. this was (only) my seventh show, and i can honestly say it was one of the strangest. first, they played in a community artscenter, which had some pros and cons. on the positive side, everybody was there for the music first and foremost -- there was none of the crowd of people there just to hang out that you typically get at a bar. so it was the most quiet and respectful crowd i've ever experienced, low or otherwise... almost eerily quiet. on the other hand, because it wasn't in a bar, the crowd was pretty small (60-75 people). after low played their set, they walked off-stage and there was the typical applause... and then it just died off after about a minute. it was silent for a bit, the house music came up, and they returned to pack up. it was really bizarre... i don't know if they were planning to do an encore, and decided against it after the pathetic response, or if the rest of the crowd knew something i didn't, but it provided a rather anti-climactic ending to the evening.

the music... shannon wright opened, and i was rather unimpressed. i'm sure her music will appeal to some on the list, so i'll let them provide a description. low played for about an hour, mostly stuff from secret name (as would be expected). for such a small room (or perhaps because of it), the sound was pretty good, and as i noted earlier, the crowd was extremely well behaved. having not seen them for almost two years and not yet received my mail-order copy of secret name, the new material comes off really nicely live. there were a few things i wish they would have played, but there always are. despite the strange atmosphere, it was a good show -- not my favorite, but certainly not disappointing.

a note to the folks seeing them soon: unless they restock, they are completely out of everything except secret name, dead pilot, and random acts cds and the hospital people 7". no secret name vinyl, no t-shirts, no other 7"'s.


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