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Foxfire Lounge, Minneapolis, MN
Saturday, 7 November 1998 (early show)


starfire says that they played below & above as well, but i can't for the life of me remember it. he does have a tape of this show, so maybe he's right. in any case. the gig was plagued by microphone static, which proved to be very disruptive. during their performance of 'coattails', mimi's mic practically exploded, sending her reeling and leaving all of the band (and audience) members with ringing ears. needless to say, the band was none too pleased, and that was the end of coattails. at this point, al asked for audience suggestions, at which time some asshole yelled out "freebird!". alan unexpectedly obliged him, stumbling through the first couple of verses; it was really pretty funny. so. despite the technical troubles, the show was wonderful (which is typical). i've been lucky enough to see low 6 times at 6 different venues, and the foxfire proved to be one of the most intimate and therefore greatly conducive to low's 'succesful' performance. the audience was perfectly attentive and everyone sat. i got a cool baby blue skull and crossbones t-shirt. some dude from my logic recitation was there. sean tillman, formerly of calvin krime, opened solo under the moniker sean na-na. there was a show with darling later that night, which i wasn't able to attend.

bryan c.

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