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Café Du Nord, San Francisco, CA
Thursday, 29 October 1998

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having just had a fab experience with the band in austin..this was a let down. the space was cramped, to say the least..Al even apologized for it. not the bands fault, i know.

i got to the club only to be told it had been oversold...and there would only be a few non ticket holders let in. I made it, at least.

the crowd was well behaved..more or less.

spoke with mimi who recognozed me from the austin gig. told her i liked the new rocketgirl single and she confided that they had just gotten their copies of it and she had not yet heard it pressed to vinyl. she also mentioned that the recording session was "weird". no further elaboration was given.

hi to Chris...who was also taping the show on Mini Disc. nice to meet you dude. :-)

craig boone

well, friends of mine in SF said the low gig was really very good... and was attended by quite a few local musicians as well: chris xefos (ex-king missile), allison faith levy (the loud family), and bill tutton (the geraldine fibbers). aparently the highlight of the evening was "lust."

wish i could have been there for the festivities!

xoxox / ld beghtol

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