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The Point, Atlanta, GA
Saturday, 3 October 1998
with godspeed you black emperor!

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Well I had pretty much decided not to write review of the concert in Atlanta on Saturday night for two reasons: A) I didn't write down the set list at *all* B) low was the 4th band I saw in the evening, which I think colored my memories.... But since no-one else has said anything, here I go...

First off, let' state that it's just my luck that Bob Mould and Low would play the same night...However, since both concerts were happening within a couple blocks of each other, I decided (like the insane fool I am) to go to both.

This worked out o.k. -- I decided to walk out of the last 20 minutes or so of Bob's set because A) lots of wierd social tensions within the group of people I was with and B) i wnated to catch Godspeed you Black Emperor.

And I was rather glad I did because they were absolutely wonderful. Like low, their recorded work doesn't reflect the minute changes in volume and intensity which makes the music so interesting. I had rather high expectation and they more than exceeded them...

This left me feeling somewhat apprehensive about Low; after the opening set, a friend told me, "It's sad. After watching that, I don't *care* that Low's playing next."

As everyone else has mentioned, they really concentrated on playing new music. It strikes me that both Immune and Starlight (which I really really liked) were both rather upbeat, with a full-sounding instrumentation that was quite pop. I guess one could say that the musical precision which has chracterized Low's work is still there, but this represents a new lushness.

Otherwise, although the set was quite good, none of the songs other than Starlight had particular resonance for me or left me going "I can't wait to get a recording of this!" But as I mentioned before this was after 4 bands...so I doubt i'm giving Low justice.

Obligatory request story: They played Lullabye, although the band had to confer both with themselves and the crowd about whether they had played it last November or not. evryone said no (although I need to go back and look at the setlist, because I thought they had...)

later (and i hope someone actally did write down the setlist)

Tracy Walden

gybe! was really great. i actually talked to a good deal of people who were ready to go after seeing them and didn't care about Low any longer. i can't wait to see them in nashville again thursday. i got the set list after the show. it reads:

- lord can you blah blah blah
- turn
- below and above
- immune
- lion & lamb
- starfire
- born by the wires
- untitled
- 2-step
- coattails
- drag
- will the night
- lust
- cut

unfortunately, i don't think this is very accurate. coattails was not played and i do not remember drag. i think lullaby took the place of those of those songs and there was no encore to host cut or lust. they did sneak will the night in however. it seems to me like godspeed got quite a bit more applause than Low. i actually thought for a moment godspeed might do an encore. ; )

steven sewell

Hi, I'm Mike and this was my forth LOW show and my third at "THE POINT." As usual, I had a very pleasant experiance.The sound quality was as good as always. I really admire the focus of the band and their ease at playing and keeping together. even though their performance of their songs live are very much like the album versions I never truly experiance them fully until I hear them live. I guess I it would make since for music to have a genre, like rock or, as LOW are referred to as "slow-core," but I believe they have a stange, haunting almost gospel or chant-like feel. I would go so far as to say they are a spiritual band for the 90's or any time frame. Their music is like "new age" for people who don't care much for that genre, but want to feel what "new age" does for people. I love LOW and though few people would have the patience for their soft, sweet, slow sound, but they suit me fine.


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