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Crocodile, Seattle, WA
Monday, 14 September 1998

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Last night was the first time I have ever seen Low live, and to put it short I was blown away. Locals Marc Olsen and Joel Phelps opened. If you geta chance pick up Joel Phelps' new album, called 3 with the Downer trio. Both bands were very downbeat, especially Olsen, it was just him and a guitar.

Well here is the set list as far as I can recall. I'm sure the order is a little screwed up. If anyone can fill in the blanks it would be much appreciated.

- Lord Can You Hear Me?
- Immune
- Condescend
- Hey Chicago (Introduced: "This is a song about a lost wallet")
- Be There
- Starfire
- (New One)
- Violence
- Venus
- Landlord

- Unknown cover song, the band's name was mentioned, its two words, the first is "Felt" [Editor's note: The song is "Moving Day" by Felt Pilotes.]
- The Plan
- Will The Night

At one point the band was taking requests during the audience, which yielded "The Plan" and people were requesting "Over The Ocean" and "Sea": The band asked what was up with all the nautical themes, and added "We're from the Midwest"...

Wondering if you had any additional information on that cover Low played last night, I didn't catch the name of the band (Felt something) but it seemed to fit in nicely with the rest of the material. [Editor's note: the band is called Felt Pilotes.] (Added later: It definately fit right in with the vibe of the set, however it was a bit poppier. Oh wait, I do remember a few words, at the end some of the lyrics were, "I don't remember anyone" or "I don't remember anything".. not a lot to go on, but I hope that helps.)

I especially liked the closer, Will the Night.. It was good to hear the song delivered straightforward, as on the EP it is drenched in echo.. I hear they are working on a "dry" version of that song for the next release.. My other favorite song was "Venus", I am going to have to go to the Sup Pop mega mart and see if they still have copies of that 7"...

---Ksensa-> (Bill Ragan)

I was at that show last night (your set list looks perfect to me). I was in heaven. I saw Low only once before, at the Capitol Theater in Olympia WA and there were some sound problems. But last night's show confirmed what I thought they would sound like barring any unseen problems. Preaching to the choir, I know, but I have to once again pledge my undying gratitude for the existence of Low. (I said this personally to Alan - I think he thought I was nuts...)

The inclusion of The Plan was an unexpected delight. Alan caved in to the many requests for the song only to get a not-so-happy look from Mimi. Alan quickly explained that "Mims doesn't like to sing..." Has anyone else ever gotten that feeling from her before? I wanted to shout some words of encouragement to her but none came out. (We love you Mimi?!) I think her voice is one of the best I have heard.

I may now rest in peace.... at least until tomorrow night when I see Elliott Smith!

Anyone tape last nights show?

Anyone have an extra ticket to the Low/Nick Cave show tonight?

Craig Silva

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