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40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
Monday, 13 April 1998

I saw Low Monday night in Athens, GA. It was the best show I've seen in many months--even better than the time I saw them in Atlanta not too long ago.

Here's a little background: About a year ago, I drove to Athens (from Atlanta) to see Bedhead at the 40 Watt Club. As I waited for the show, I picked up a local alternative weekly and read a preview of the show which compared Bedhead to Low, among others. I'd heard of Low, but hadnt really checked them out. I finished the paper and went next door to the used CD store. I happened to find _The Curtain Hits the Cast_. I listened to it and I liked it, so I bought it. The store owner schmoozed me into buying the _Transmission_ EP as well (and now Im glad I got schmoozed!). So over the last year I've become a huge Low fan and now I get to see them in the same club where I first found out about them (sort of). Oh well, I thought it was neat...

Here's my best recollection of the set list (Im not too sure about the order, and I dont know all the titles):

- Landlord
- Condescend
- song with the lyric "am I naked, too?" (Immune)
- Be There
- Lust
- Words
- Coattails
- song with a bunch of delay on the guitar that had a lyric that was something like "she's not that kind of girl" (???)
- Over the Ocean
- song about starting a radio station that had the word "starfire" in it (Starfire)
- Will the Night

- Jack Smith
- Venus

Everything sounded great. The guitar tone was amazing. It was neat to actually hear "Will the Night". When I saw them last time, they were touring with Ida and they had Ida's violin player join them for "Condescend". This time Alan sang the violin part, which was pretty cool.

They were only selling the new Kranky record. I would have bought some of the older stuff if they'd had it. Does anyone know why they dont bring any older albums? Problems with the label?

Todd Gerth

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