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Tokyo Rose, Charlottesville, VA
Friday, 31 October 1997 (Halloween!)

Our friends Low have been on tour for some time now. At this time of strain and on this the strangest of nights, it appears Al, Zak, and Mimi are keeping in good spirits (pun only half intended).

After yet another beautiful and inspired set, Zak returns for encore wearing a ski mask. After "Coattails" Alan looks over and says (now I'm paraphrasing here), "Woah, I just noticed Zak's wearing a ski mask. Have you been wearing that all night? . . . shows how self-absorbed I am . . . just for that I'm gonna play this next song without my shirt on." To much fanfare he proceeds to shed his top. Zak is elated-- "Very quickly this is becoming my favorite night." Realizing that he and Zak now have Halloween costumes, Al quips, "So Mimi what are you gonna do?" Not budging from that half-leaning stance of hers, Mimi calls out, "I'm gonna stand here and watch you." Zak, as if speaking a great truth, proclaims, "You've been doing that your whole life." (I understand Al and Mimi met in 4th grade) Mimi replies, "So why stop now?" Isn't that the sweetest? It was as if the whole scene, what with the costumes and the minimal conversation and whatnot, was a microcosm of the band and its members. BTW if any of you are confused and think Alan is a black man, take it from this front row Low fan-- Alan is *very* white.


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