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Stage 4 Theater, Portland, OR
Saturday, 27 September 1997
with Ida

I was planning a vacation to Portland in the fall of 1997 to visit a friend. When I discovered that Low would be playing there I made sure I'd be in town for the show. Before Low took the stage I got to talk to Mimi for a bit. This was in the period when we were all waiting for "Songs for A Dead Pilot" to be released, so I was asking Mimi about that. She was very nice; hope I didn't pester her too much! The band played almost all the songs from "Songs..." Opened with "Will The Night" followed by (I think) "Venus". Also got to hear the incredible "Starfire". Another highlight was "Condescend"; Zak played the string part on his bass. It was an exciting show as most of the songs were new to me at the time. Also, it was the first time my friend had seen Low play live, so it was fun to see his reaction. I believe Low played for about an hour. They did not return for an encore despite our clapping and cheering.

mark von minden

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