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Mercury Café, Denver, CO
Monday, 7 October 1996
with Munly

This was my first Low show, so I was rather looking forward to it. The opening band was a local artist named Munly. Al, Mimi, and Zak were standing by the wall while he was playing, and Munly (known for his between-song banter) started telling the crowd that backstage Low were drinking a ton of Mountain Dew and getting pumped to "rock out"; needless to say everyone had a chuckle including Low.

The show itself was incredible. Low focused on material from "Curtain..." I remember hearing "Over the Ocean", "Coattails", and "Stars Gone Out". I was a little unsure of how Low would transfer to a live setting, so I was quite happy hearing those incredible, subtle swells in the songs show up in the live set. The encore featured a spine-tingling version of "Lazy" as well as "Transmission".

mark von minden

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