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Union Chapel, London, UK
Friday, 14 February 2003

What an astonishing gig! As last year, I got there to meet up with my two Low friends Justin and Stavroula and we braved the inclement weather on the steps of the chapel to get prime positions on the front row. It really is a majestic place to play and suits Low perfectly and boy did they pull out all the stops. I think this show was the best I've ever seen Low. Again most of Trust got an airing as did Sunflower and Over The Ocean, with Candy Girl opening the set. Everything was so perfect, the songs, playing, harmonies, atmosphere. There was one person who kept shouting out (Alan - "I might have to kill you!") and at the encore Alan came to the mic, said "Ok, where's the drunk?" and clambered off stage to the bloke on the side front row and proceeded to wade in with a few "punches" only to be molested and faced with a retaliation of big hugs and kisses. It was so funny. When he got back to the stage Mimi commented something like "I hope you had a shave." Alan retorted by saying something like "That's a little microcosm for you. The American wades in with the big punches and the Brit follows up with the kisses." A lovely few moments. During a later song, Alan attempted to direct the light relecting from his guitar into the eyes of the shouter/kisser while continuing to play. Priceless. They finished off with a poised Two-Step. What a night.

Peter Bowers

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