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Academy, Bristol, UK
Tuesday, 11 February 2003

I just went to the Bristol gig (sorry to the other person who said beforehand they were going - I couldn't reply to arrange anything). It was totally amazing. I'm the one who asked, a while back, if they'd played Dinosaur Act on this tour, because it's one of my favourites, and probably my #1 to play really loud, so I was dying to hear it live, but they don't play it that often. For reasons beyond my own comprehension, I shouted out "Over The Ocean!" when they were taking requests for the encore, but thankfully there were enough "Dinosaur!"s to drown me out, and they did indeed play it.

The guitars in Canada (and also The Lamb and a couple of the other darker ones - they really went crazy with Little Argument and John Prine) were spectacular, and the La La La Song sing-along was great. For reference for anyone who was there - when Alan asked if anyone actually sung and a few of us put our hands up, I was the one he said "Really?" to. I tried to say "Yeah, but I was thrown by the high bits you added near the end," but found I couldn't speak, so just nodded. The high bits they added near the end were wonderful, I hope a version with those gets released some day.

The other great thing was Alan's standing back and shouting stuff to do the extra vocals in Point Of Disgust and John Prine. His 'Sha la la la's in John were all cracked and desperate by the end of the song, it was amazing.

And, of course, Lordy was mind-blowing.

I envy the setlist with Starfire as the first song of the encore, though - I don't know Shame very well (the first song of the encore in Bristol) and Starfire is another of my all-time favourites.

Oh, one more thing - that DJ guy. Me and my friend got there late and thought he might be the support act. The first song I heard him play had sounds of the sea and stuff and sounded a lot like a song I heard on John Peel once by someone who goes by the band name of Ojn.

Tom Francis

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