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Parish Church, Leeds, UK
Saturday, 8 February 2003

It took an hour and a half to drive there from Stoke -all motorway - and an hour negotiating the Leeds one way trying to find the venue. I must have stopped at four churches before finally finding the correct one. Sat at the front in the pews -sideways on! - and Low played a blinder. Alan commented, " Don't worry if you're sat at the back and can't see much, we don't really do much up here". Oh right! Low did a big chunk of Trust again but mid set played The Plan. I think I had an out of body experience during this one. Honestly, wave after wave of tingles up the back...tears welling up...As if THAT wasn't enough, they did Two-Step and encored with Violence. Wow. Got drenched getting back to the car but the roads were clear all the way home. Elated.

Peter Bowers

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