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Queens Hall, Edinburgh, UK
Monday, 3 February 2003

Review: The Queens Hall was a nice, intimate venue for Low and the crowd was very quiet, except for when Alan asked for help singing, clapping, etc.

The band opened with Amazing Grace and this set the tone for the night brilliantly. All three were on top form with Mimi singing Below & Above being a particular highlight. Canada was also great and The Lamb was extremely intense, but really the whole show was fantastic.

This was my first Low gig and I was really impressed at how engaged Low were with both the music and the audience. Alan was having some good banter with the crowd and didn't seem phased when he forgot the words to Fearless.

Some people find Low 'boring' or 'depressing' but for me they make music to think about, with the main message being one of warmth and hope. Like with people, you sometimes just have to look a bit deeper to find the beauty.

This was a top concert and I hope they come back soon.

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