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Varsity, Wolverhampton, UK
Saturday, 11 November 2000
with Bridget Storm

Set list - parts that I remember :

New song
New song - possibly 'Sunflowers'
Over the Ocean
New single - Dinosaur Act
Hand so small
Will the night
New song
New song
Support - Bridget Storm.

Wolverhampton in early November is not the warmest of places, unless you are upstairs in a packed Varsity in which case you are cooked slowly by a combination of body heat, an overactive heating system and no ventilation.

But enough moaning as it's a pretty good venue and to get Low playing just 15 miles down the road is great.

Bridget Storm did not live up to their name as they were quite and calm, a pleasant combination nonetheless. If anything the vocals were too quiet as it was a struggle to hear once the crowd had stood up to let more people into the venue. Some good tunes my favorite being when the singer changed her acoustic guitar for an accordion.

After just enough time to get downstairs for a drink, (the upstairs bar only having bottled beers, which are fine but not when you're driving home), then Low appeared on stage.

Alan explained almost apologetically that the set would contain some new numbers as they have been working on the album which would be out in February, no need to apologize as it sounds the perfect combination to me.

Anyway the first two songs were new ones, the second having 'Sunflowers' in the chorus which sounded great, in a similar vein to Starfire and the first sounded fine as well. Then onto a favorite of mine (Gill my partner's absolute favorite) - 'Two-Step', the sound was much better than Bridget Storm a lot clearer and louder, so the vocal harmony could be heard showing that both Alan and Mimi were in good form.

A short version of 'Over the Ocean' followed, lovely but not long enough for me, then the new single - 'Dinosaur Act', which is rocky number, a good single choice and a great song.

Then Alan asked what we would like to hear, after various shouted replies, 'Lord can you hear me' was my initial thought but when I heard 'Joan of Arc' shouted I changed my mind, but it was none of these that the band picked. They went for the hard task of trying to sound like Springheel Jack by picking 'Hand so small', a difficult choice but a good one, as the song finished Zak raised his arms in triumph at their achievement and was roundly applauded.

This is where the set gets a little vague, I think my orange juice was spiked or the heat was cooking my brain, but a couple of new ones mixed with old ones including 'Violence' and 'Swingin'. Alan again apologising, this time because the new songs had similar 'la la la' endings.

The band played for about an hour with 5-10 minutes for an encore, overall an excellent night in a cold Wolverhampton.

I do not think a set list was produced by the band unless I was just late in getting to the stage, hope the above makes some sort of sense, the set list is about as good as I can get it due to my never remembering song titles.

Gareth Absalom

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