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Monday, 27 October 1997
New York, NY
The Fez

Photos by Jon DeRosa, Aarktica@aol.com

Jon's Low Pictures
Jon's Low Pictures Jon's Low Pictures
Jon's Low Pictures Jon's Low Pictures
Low's note to Jennifer I used to work at the Fez on Lafayette St. in NYC where Low used to perform with Ida every now and again. So after sound check, I was hanging downstairs while they sat at a table relaxing, after unloading and just before performing. I went up to them to chat for a while (I had met Alan a while back when they opened for the Swans at Irving Plaza). No one really seemed in a good mood. Road life I guess. But I asked them, "You know, my girlfriend really loves you guys and she's in NJ and was too sick to make it up here. It would totally make her happy if you wrote her a little note or somethign..." (this marks the only time I've approached anyone for an autograph of sorts aside from Rozz Williams of Christian Death). They looked a little annoyed and said, "Okay, come pick it up after the show..." So after the show, I spotted them selling shirts and Alan said, "hey I have that note for you..." And Mimi handed it over, and I was like, "Thanks so much, that's really nice of you." So I'm walking back to the office to finish some stuff before I leave for the night, and I pull it out and it reads (to the best of my blurry memory): "Dear Jennifer, Well, here we are at the Fez getting ready to go on. Your friend asked us to write you a little note so here you are. He must care about you an awful lot, athough he's got a strange way of showing it. - Alan Mimi Zak."

As if I didn't feel corny enough asking them to write a note to my girlfriend... they say I'm strange. In hindsight, maybe they were referring to the fact that I was at the Low show when I should've been in NJ taking care of her. But the fact was I lived up here, and she lived down there, etc... Anyway, my then-girlfriend laughed at the fact that Low made fun of me. So it was worth it.

- Jon A DeRosa for Pretty Bruises #3

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