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Tour Archive: Diary from 2003 Radiohead tour

July 5 -

Up at 8:30. Can't sleep, too many things in my head that I need to remember to do before we leave - soft case for the 12-string so we can carry it on the plane, find a hot-weather shirt or two (almost everything I have is black...), make sure we get some forms to our accountant in town, shampoo, a new shoulder bag, pack our clothes. I go to Music-Go-Round for a few things we need and I ask if they have any used Anvil-style road cases. They do - a briefcase. The guy gets it from the back room and sets it down. It looks familiar. I look it over and on the cover, scrawled in marker, is the answer to the mystery: "Lindquist" - I'll take it.

We intend to get to the airport by 3 p.m., flight is at 5, but by 2 we are ready and waiting at home - probably the first time that has happened. Usually leaving day is a nightmare and stuff gets forgotten and left undone as we scamper off in a rush. I think the key was that I made a list.

Ate a rice and beans burrito in the Minneapolis airport during our 3 hour layover. It was from a new place called "Maui Taco" (Maui?!!) Now on the Minneapolis to Amsterdam flight. Mimi and Hollis are sleeping in the two seats in front of me. Been looking through this magazine I bought today that's basically all the articles NME and Uncut magazines have done on Radiohead over the years. So, it's a MOJO-sized magazine that's all Radiohead. Seems a bit gross, but I couldn't resist. There's some interesting things in it once you get past the patented British press tone of most of the articles.

We are still waiting for some of our overseas tax forms to process, so for most of these shows we won't get paid until a month or so from now. It's ridiculous with all the bureaucracy you have to go through to go play overseas, but I've heard it's much worse for bands coming into the US to play, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Listening to Neil Young.